Dairy Towels

Used for over 25 years by Wisconsin Dairymen

Our Towels offer a superior alternative to scrap/rental towels, brown kraft and paper towels alike, outperforming them in a variety of applications including, but not limited to:

  • Animal Health Care: Softer and less irritating to the animal’s skin.
  • Spills/Washing: More absorbent than standard towels so you use less.
  • Industrial/Shop: Avoid contaminants contained in previously used shop towels – such as metal shavings, chemicals and oily residues, which inhibit perforamance and lead to scratches, smears and lack of absorbency.
8812 8″x8″ to 10″x10″ 2900 Per Case
88s 8″x8″ to 15″x13″ 2000 – 2500 Per Case
88sn 6″x6″ to 8″x15″ 3000 – 3750 Per Case
1513 15″x13″ Uniform Cut Towel 1300 – 2000 Per Case
130-10 13″x10″ Uniform Cut Towel 1300 Per Case

WE GUARANTEE: Full cases; strong, soft, absorbent material; Your satisfaction. (If for any reason you are unhappy with the product we will exchange/return FULL CASES on a 1 for 1 basis). See back of invoice or contact Cloveridge Converting for returned goods terms.

We now also carry Microfiber Dairy Towels.
They are washables – 1 size, 12″x12″ in Dark Blue 
Packaged in 12 counts 
Price: $9.99 per dozen + shipping

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